Hey there! As an unprofessional baker, I enjoy so much being in the kitchen and bake cookies, cupcakes, cakes, different desserts...
A few days ago, my mom and dad have sat in a patisserie and bought some cake. Next to the case, there were orange peel sticks covered with dark chocolate for free and they have got two and brough one to me. As I tasted I found it quite delicious and a perfect snack with coffee. So I said why don't I make it at home?
As I made it, everyone who tasted liked it a lot. Although it is sweet, it is really healthy. If you are on a diet and want to eat chocolate or you have the balanced diet as a lifestyle like me, then these chocolate orange sticks are great for you! 
Ingredients :
  • 1 orange peels
  • 90g dark chocolate(if you don't prefer them bitter and low-calorie, you may use milk chocolate as well)
I peeled the orange and cut the peels as thin sticks. Then I melted dark chocolate in microwave for 1 min.

After melting the chocolate, I put all the peels into the melted chocolate and mixed them by the help of a spoon until the peels are totally covered with chocolate.
I put an oil paper on the baking tray and put the sticks in line.

After half an hour, the chocolate was frozen and the sticks tasted just like dark chocolate orange dragees.
Bon Appétit!


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