Such a lovely colour! As autumn and New Year's Eve comes, wine colour appears everywhere! On lips, on sweaters, on pyjamas and socks...
I stopped by Mac when I was shopping and wanted to buy this beautiful coloured lipstick that reminds me red autumn leaves and new year. As I heard from the seller that this colour is the most sold lipstick of Mac. Almost all of my friends have it,too. So I said why do I not have this?
The name of this lipstick is "Diva" and what is so nice beyond the colour and the structure is that it smells like cookies! I also think that it suits with most of the colours of my closet.


The t-shirt at the back is from Zara that I've just bought and it says "I'm a burgundy colour" in the front and I think what this t-shirt says is exactly the same with what this lipstick screams of :) I like the combination of the same tones in one outfit so these two will seem really nice together.
Also, with this greying sweater, wine colour matches perfectly well.


Tchibo Travel Makeup Kit

Hey there! As a first post about makeup, I want to share with you a new product of Tchibo. This little travel make up kit with such a nice packaging was standing next to the case when I was grabbing some coffee. What I found interesting about it was the price. It costs only 15 Turkish lira which equals to ,approximately, £5 ! So I thought I could give it a chance.

In it, there are four different coloured eye shades,a lip gloss, a very tiny mascara, a blush and a brush.

I liked the colours because they can be used in everyday

Especially the blush and the lipgloss' colour is peach which I think suits nice with the autumn makeup. Although I liked the colour of the lipgloss, I didn't like its structure. It is really sticky. I felt like I put glue on my lips.

But still, it is such an affordable makeup kit and nice for short journeys.

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